How Rangers are moving forward from frustrating defeat: ‘Wasn’t happy at all’

Gerard Gallant has repeatedly said that he expects more from his team

that will carry a 10-8-4 record into Monday’s showdown at the Garden against the scalding 18-4 Devils.

Surely, just as the head coach received much praise — and a nomination for Jack Adams as coach of the year —

— for his work behind the bench a year ago, responsibility accrues to Gallant and his staff to help this team get on track.

“I coach them every day. I want the best out of our players, I try to get the best out of our players,

and I’m doing my job,” Gallant said. “Sometimes, it doesn’t work, but I’m the coach and the leader of the group,

and like I said, I was disappointed with [Saturday’s 4-3 loss to Edmonton] like they were.”

Gallant is who he is. He is not one to engage in public second-guessing of his decisions. He empowers his players.

He wants an upbeat environment. He does not seem to have varied the approach that reaped benefits a year ago,

even if line combinations have fluctuated throughout the year.

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